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Project Overview

What?  Egolisquash, an outreach project of Central Gauteng Squash was established in 2009 in South Africa to focus on an intensive and long term programme; incorporating squash, fitness, tutoring, community service and mentoring in order to change children’s lives for the better. The development of squash is a platform used to address youth and issues affecting them, and their communities as well as to revive the spirit of ubuntu among our youth, as they are the future of the country. The focus is to build the future strength of the black squash playing community in South Africa as well as the general popularity of junior squash.

How? Egolisquash programme uses the platform of sport as a catalyst to positively influence and empower learners to see opportunities outside of the cycle of poverty and crime in their communities. It uses the empowering and uniting characteristics of squash to “revive the spirit of Ubuntu” among youth between 8-19 years to realize their full academic, athletic and personal potential and affect social change.

Outcomes?  Egolisquash strives to motivate young people to become involved in a balanced programme of voluntary self-development community and leadership activities. We believe that every child has the potential to be a leader: a world leader, a community leader, a leader at school, or a leader in the home. By fostering access to peer leadership skills and life skills programmes, we are working to ensure that both girls and boys have the chance to learn the skills necessary to reach their goals and contribute to their communities.


Location: Gauteng – Soweto, Alexandra and Johannesburg inner city

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