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Laureus Funding: Expression of Interest

Important Notes: 

  • This is an initial contact form; it is not an application form and does not necessarily imply that your project will be considered for funding.
  • The submission window is annually, between 1 August and 30 September. 
  • Please ensure that you have read the funding criteria and understood the mission of the Laureus Sport for Good Foundation before completing the form below.
  • Please provide as much information as required. Upon reviewing the information, we will be able to assess if your project is a potential Laureus Sport for Good project.
  • Please note that projects funded by the Laureus Sport for Good Foundation are those which use sport to address a particular and relevant social issue. We do not fund projects which simply focus on offering sport to the community, promoting elite sport, or increasing participation in sport without addressing specific social concerns.

What is a Laureus Sport for Good project?

  • An organisation, which realises that it cannot solve all the world’s problems, but it can focus on making a difference to a particular social issue.
  • An organisation whose clear mission it is to tackle a particular social issue(s) relevant to a clearly identified group and/ or their community
  • An organisation that uses sport as a tool to achieve that mission in some way
  • A program that is unique, innovative, creative, dynamic and able to achieve a certain level of stand out.

What a Laureus Sport for Good project is NOT:

  • Is not a sports organisation, which aims to increase general participation in sport
  • It is not an organization that focuses on developing sports star potential (although these may well be outcomes of a project over and above it’s social impact)
  • It is not a large sports charity, but smaller grass-roots organisations delivering actual services to the people who need it
  • Is not a project whose cost funds the ‘bricks and mortar’ aspect of the programme, but rather the actual sport and educational activities. Therefore, the Foundation does not fund the construction of facilities, disaster relief etc.

Project Funding Criteria:

  • One of the project’s primary objectives should be to deliver a positive social impact through sport.
  • The project needs to address a pertinent social issue (ranging from AIDS education to illiteracy, gangsterism to religious intolerance, nutrition to mental health) through the medium of sport.
  • The Foundation does not fund projects, which aim to promote increased participation in sport or to develop specific sporting talent.
  • The Foundation’s funds are to be used to support and fund the actual project activities, not infrastructure.
  • The level of funding is dependent on a number of factors, but no more than R250 000.00 is approved to any project per annum.
  • Laureus Sport for Good projects must demonstrate how they are using sport as a conduit for bringing about a measurable social change or impact.
  • Each project should create measurements to track their impact on the identified social issue.
  • Future funding is subject to the project being evaluated annually based on the objectives set out in their original application.
  • The project should not be an event, they need to ideally carry out year – round activities.
  • The project should have NGO/PBO status or should produce proof an application in process.
  • The project should be operating between 1 and 2 years.


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