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Made For More

Project Overview


One billion people (15 % percent of the world) have disabilities, including physical, intellectual and social disabilities. In Africa alone, there are 90 million people living with disabilities. There is a great need to reach these people who are often looked past or disregarded due to stigma, incorrect thinking and ignorance. Made for More hopes to break this discrimination by restoring dignity to these people and including, equipping and empowering them through sport to discover their purposes and passions in life.

Made for More programme is unique because it focuses specifically on inclusion and using sport as a transformational tool for persons with disabilities. The programme offers value-based activities and exercise programs to children who are differently-abled within schools and existing organisations around the province; an adaptive surfing program that teaches water safety, life skills and adaptive ways to bodyboard and surf; accessible clinical and psychosocial support for people who are differently-abled; and community projects and sports camps that focus on Paralympic sports with 3-dimensional coaching on physical, emotional and spiritual levels.



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