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Project Overview

The I AM WATER mission is to help people fall in love with the ocean.

We believe in ocean conservation through human experience and we work under the ethos of ‘we protect what we love’. Much of today’s ocean degradation is fundamentally due to human disconnect. Many people feel very little, or no connection to the ocean, behaving in ways that negatively affect the well being of this precious resource. We feel especially passionate about working with underserved / low income coastal communities where, despite living walking distance to the shoreline, young people have never seen the world just beneath the waves.

I AM WATER does this through education, awareness and advocacy. Our primary focus is currently around inspiring new Ocean Guardians from low income coastal communities through two days of transformational ocean experiences. Most of our participants begin the workshop fearful of their oceans, but by the end of the second day they find it difficult to leave the water having overcome their fears and fallen in love with the world below. Over the last 10 years I AM WATER has refined our workshop experience to provide an excellent and safe space for our participants to grow in confidence and learn to enjoy their ocean. Thanks to our team of highly trained coaches and the necessary safety equipment, our participants experience their ocean as a safe and inviting space. Starting with informative presentations, allowing time for yoga and mindfulness training as well as for beach cleanup and intertidal exploration, our workshop methodology ensures the establishment of an emotional link between information and experience. The desire to protect the ocean is a natural next step. 

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