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Laureus ELECT (Engaging Learners through Exploration Capacity & Training)


A high percentage of youth engage in at least one type of risky sexual behaviour (33.84%) and have used at least one type of illicit substance (7.79%). South Africa have an increasing statistic of high school dropouts, teen pregnancy, and alcohol related violence amongst teens. This is often linked to low future aspirations, low self-esteem, dysfunctional family structures, social ills and not having access to positive and relatable role models.
Laureus Engaging Learners through Exploration, Capacity-building & Training (ELECT) Programme is a weekly In-school Empowerment Programme, geared towards Gr. 10 & Gr.11 learners as they are in the final phase of their High School Education. Having proper support, safe spaces with access to positive role models is critical as learners are entering the ’emerging adult’ age group, where it becomes crucial for learners to understand the importance of their actions, their influences, their behaviours, and to be made aware of the responsibility and repercussions that comes with decisions and actions taken in the heat of the moment. These poor decisions are often a slippery slope in communities where teenagers often feel unsupported, overlooked, and disempowered.
It becomes extremely important for learners to begin thinking and planning for their future and the sustainability thereof, and having access to a peer support group of learners, as well as a great sense of belonging with the Laureus ELECT Team only aids their hopes, dreams, and future aspirations.

Laureus ELECT Learners are empowered by qualified facilitators who are relatable role models and alumni of the Laureus YES Programme. Laureus ELECT Learners begin to see themselves as leaders, leaders of self; taking on life and its challenges with good support, positive resilience and determination while being able to regulate their emotions through healthy coping mechanisms resulting in better choices.

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Posted on

April 17, 2024

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