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Women’s Month: Vaylen Kirtley

I am a sport presenter and producer. After spending the first chapter of my career at the public broadcaster, I have moved to a dynamic young news channel – Newzroom Afrika to take on the role of Sport Editor. I help to tell stories daily of human excellence and achievement. 

My daughter and the passion I have for the work I do is what keeps me motivated. 

I don’t have a single role model instead I value and admire different aspects of the people that I interact with, meet and learn about. We all have something unique to add to the world and when you can appreciate this in others you are better able to feel more confident with what you have to add.

The biggest barrier is support, and not just financial support but support in the form of legacy, knowledge and culture.

Male athletes can assist by highlighting the massive achievements of female athletes to show that these women are worthy of being celebrated. As role models themselves, judgement is sensitised by what they say. 

It wasn’t advice I received personally but it was something that was shared with me and I love it:  You enjoy a privileged position, respect it. 

What is the one thing that calls out from your heart, that when you think of, fills you with joy? Follow that and don’t give up. 

Vaylen, you going to work hard but it’s all worth it and remember to enjoy it! 

To make a positive difference in the space I am in.

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