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Women’s Month: Tori Gardner

I have recently joined the phenomenal team at CoolPlay which is a sport for good programme delivering life skills to kids on the sports field. We operate in some of the most disadvantaged areas of Cape Town and by creating safe spaces under the guidance of positive role models we help build resilient kids, better equipped for life’s challenges. “Off the field” I am sharing the fun of parenting with my husband Jonny and love to run.

I become energised when working with wonderful people, collaborating for a common goal. I also like to be the best I can be in every situation I find myself in.

My Mum – she’s been my rock all my life. Everything she does, she does with elegance, passion and with an epic sense of humour! In the words from Matthew McConaughey’s new book – Greenlights – She has never done anything “half-arse”.

I often believe women’s sport is trying to compete with men’s sport, rather than trying to embrace the differences. Women need to support each other and build the demand for female sport so that marketing and broadcasting can follow. We can’t just rely on men to want to watch female sport, we’re in it 50.50.

Get involved and show appreciation.

Don’t try to be a man to be taken seriously – rather lean on the strong qualities of being a woman to get what you want done!

Never let yourself feel intimidated by men in the room, as only you can control that and lean on all the great women you’ll meet along the way.

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t – you’re right!” (Thanks Henry Ford for that one)

To use the sport environment to bring the best out of people and create sports field where inequalities, especially in this country, vanish.

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