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Women’s Month: Nokulunga Mvandaba

 I am a facilitator and coach for social and emotional learning within sports.

All the young women I work with within my community.

My role model is Jill Benting because of her selfless commitment to empowering the youth of this country as well the positive impact she has had in my life and others.


I think it is the lense in which women’s sports is viewed. It is not valued as much as it should be.


By showing support and advocating for their fellow athletes. Speaking up more on the issues faced by women because their voice I the one being listened it.


Find one thing to be grateful for in each day, makes you realise that life is full of blessings.


Speak to yourself positively. Society is already harsh, you don’t need to add to it.


I’d tell my 10 year old self to pay less attention to what people say about how you look. Don’t listen to all that noise.


To make it more size inclusive. To get young girls to see that size/weight should not stop you from playing sports.

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