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Women’s Month: Lerato Malekutu

I am a sports PR and Communications professional. I previously worked as Media Manger of the Proteas cricket team for more than 10 years but after resigning in 2019, I decided to pave my own path. I’m fortunate to with work with some of the best athletes and brands in the world; it’s my small contribution towards helping to change the narrative while amplifying their stories and platforms to a global audience.  

The passion I have for the work that I do keeps me going. I know that I am one of the privileged few who get to wake up each day doing a job they love and are passionate about. That motivates me to try and be the best that I can so this dream stays alive for as long as possible.

Kass Naidoo. She is unapologetic about her ambition. She strives daily to change the women in sport landscape in SA and to create opportunities for women rising through the ranks. She continuously breaks barriers and most importantly, always lifts others as she continues to rise.

Awareness, access and education. There is an impression that women’s sport is ‘boring’ and below par, the more we educate and enlighten the public about this the more support female athletes and women’s sports will receive, further growing the visibility and demand. Women’s sport doesn’t get the same funds as the male counterparts so awareness is always an issue. Young girls don’t get to hear from or see a lot of female superstars on TV, radio or on billboards, you can’t be what you can’t see.

Support and promote excellence, but most importantly, speak out on the glaring misrepresentation and discrimination towards women’s sport.

Do it scared! You are never going to grow in your comfort zone and if you are not growing, what exactly are you doing with your life. Taking giant leaps in life is always going to be scary and intimidating, but there will never be a perfect time. So…do it scared!

Read. Read. Read. Expose yourself to as much information and as much as you can about the sport and landscape. Nobody can take away your knowledge and insight, that will always set you apart from the rest.

Your dreams are valid! You don’t have dumb them down to make others comfortable just because your dreams may seem impossible and unattainable.

Change the narrative. I want to be a part of driving the change of perception and stereotypes which exist in the sports industry. We may be in 2021 but I really feel the South African sports industry has a long way to go in terms of being accessible and accommodating towards women. This is across all spheres and professions.

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