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Women’s Month: Julia Stuart

I’m a presenter at SuperSport. I usually work in football as a studio anchor – facilitating the pre and post-match presentations – or pitch-side as a reporter where I would cross in to studio for pitch side reports and conduct interviews with coaches and players.

The beauty of sport is it’s constantly changing so there’s always a new goal, new game or new event. That helps on days when you just don’t feel like going to work – we all have those.

I also find that being disciplined and setting good habits will help on days when there just isn’t any motivation.

Anyone who is doing well in their field and their lane. Inspiration can be found anywhere if you pay attention.

Money. How many in corporate South Africa are willing to and able to put money into women’s sports? It’s a cycle so if you invest it means better facilities and better pay for the players who can then focus only on playing and improving. That in turn improves the product and makes it more of a spectacle for people to watch. I’ve glossed over a couple of steps and money helps with marketing and advertising too but I just wanted to make the point about the cycle and how I think it works.

It’s everyone’s responsibility to drive the visibility of female sport. Women and men have to support in equal measure. It’s the same with any issue of inequality or any social cause. They have to become “all people” problems in order for us to really see or drive change.

To stay in my lane and keep honing my skills. In a world that is obsessed with comparing and competing and trolling, the best you can be is the best YOU. And then the things that are meant for you will find you easily.

Be prepared to put in the work. There are no shortcuts and it’s not as glamorous as it seems. But if you love sport then there is no better job to have

That everything works out beyond her wildest dreams and she should enjoy the ride a little bit more. I don’t think we celebrate enough especially as a women in a male driven space you can become so consumed with working hard to prove yourself and striving for the next thing. Among the biggest lessons in the pandemic has been to appreciate, celebrate and enjoy the little things more.  

Excellence. Always. Like athletes we are only as good as our last broadcast or game or event. And I just want to keep climbing higher and higher. I don’t quite know what that looks like but live TV has taught me to let go of expectations and be ready to roll with the punches.


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