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Women’s Month: Aviwe Funani

I am the Programme, Policy and Advocacy Manager at Waves for Change. My role is an operational role where I support the Sites where our Mental Health Surf Therapy programme for youth is delivered. I work closely with the site managers to ensure we run a quality programme that helps young people self soothe, build positive relationships and learn mastery. This is done by understanding the organisational deliverables for the programme per site and also how to manage external and internal relationships to ensure this happens well. 

Change in the context of past, present and future. The fact that the challenges and injustices of yesterday were changed by people, the fact that today somewhere around the world someone is causing positive change and knowing that tomorrow still promises change is an inspiration to me. 

My family. It’s a community of really hard-working black strong people and there’s so much rich history that is preserved, honored, and celebrated in my family that makes me proud to be black especially in this time in history where we see movements for racial equity around the world starting to call systems in which we function to be more inclusive, fair and diverse. I draw from my family a lot as a reminder of what it means to lead for change and to intentionally make the world a better place than how you found it. 

I think equal pay, equal investment, and access to equal opportunities for additional income for women players. 

Get into the conversation about equal pay, sponsorship, equal opportunities, and equal recognition. 

You can use the power of sports more when you recognize the power in seeing female athletes as your equals in every space and not lesser in any way. When you show love and respect to women in sports you are actually showing love and respect to sports as a whole not just one part of sports. 

“When you love me, you love yourself.” – Beyonce 

“Life is what you make it.” – Mawabo Funani my dad said this to me when I was about 14 and it has honestly been a rudder in my lifes’ course.  

Just do it!  Sports like any other career is incomplete without women and how they perform, think and solve problems. 

Be yourself everywhere you go, the world needs what you have and are. 

 My objective in the world is to create communities and hold space for people to see themselves represented, heard, and taken seriously because every one of us bring value. 

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