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CoolPlay Trust


Project Overview

A learner’s ability to succeed academically, professionally and personally is strongly correlated with their social & emotional intelligence. However, these critical skills are not being taught consistently (if at all) in the schools or homes where CoolPlay operates. The primary objective of the programme is to address this gap by teaching valuable life skills, setting learners up for success as they navigate life.

CoolPlay is a sport for development programme that works in underprivileged communities in South Africa. Safe spaces are created after school for learners aged 5 – 18 where they can play. They are given access to positive adult role models (CoolPlay coaches that are called Champions), constructive peer relationships and are encouraged to take on new challenges and develop valuable life skills. This is done through a specialised curriculum that has been developed by experts (sport scientists & child psychologists) that develop social and emotional learning. Participants in the programme are empowered to make good choices, manage their emotions and develop healthy relationships.

CoolPlay gives children an opportunity to level out an uneven playing field, reaching their potential: on the field, in the classroom and in their personal lives.

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April 16, 2015

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