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Women’s Month: Sarah Mundy

I have over 18 years’ experience in the Sports industry working on some amazing campaigns with athletes, brands and sports federations. I am currently now contracted to SARES working on the British and Irish Lions Tour in South Africa.  


Understanding my why? This is integral when I have a loss in motivation which is bound to happen. I always use it as my north star to keep me on track. I also remind myself the importance of discipline – as motivation will come and go, but discipline is what must take its place to help me achieve my goals. I strive to leave something in a better place than I found it. 

Everyday People. I am often so inspired colleagues, clients, friends and strangers that are working on making the world a happier, better and more peaceful place. There is something magical in people taking responsibility and accountability for themselves and seeing the positive impact it has as they strive to become a  better human and overcome their own personal adversity. Change starts within.  

Coverage & Exposure.  Fans know about women’s sport but can’t find platforms to access games. This has hopefully changed and will continue to change with the major broadcast deals for the WSL and  15 of the top 50 most marketable athletes being female

Assist in driving  the perception of women’s sport in their respective teams sports departments and organizations’ as well as drive awareness through their own platforms. Collaborating and celebrating major achievements of female athletes break world records, signing new deals and or reaching personal milestones. At the end of the day, sport is about inclusion and we have to celebrate the wins as a collective. 

Never underestimate thepower of stacking. Incremental daily progress leads to big changes.  

Build your network and get your foot in the door early on. Trust yourself, lead from the front and always remember hard work out trumps talent. Be relentless in your pursuit of your dreams and career aspirations and most of all have fun. It’s a blessing to be working in this industry. 

Treat yourself like you treat others. Your voice matters – don’t be afraid to use it. Your only competition is you – be your best version daily.

I want to make an impact whether it’s in my daily interactions or longer term goals in the sport space.  Longer Term – Build a digital and virtual agency of the best global sports minds to help brands achieve their sponsorship objectives as well as empower younger women to follow their dreams.




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