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Women’s Month: Elana Meyer

   In 2013 I launched  SA Endurance Academy -Endurocad,  with the vision of developing athletes (focus on women ) to achieve their  potential.  The progrmme offers an holistic approach with 3 pillars – athlete development , personal develop and career path development.   I am also The  Ambassodor and Elite Field Manager for Cape Town Marathon.

Athletics has given me an incredible life – not only to win medals and break records, but to get an education, travel the world, meet amazing people and make incredible friends. Sport has an incredible way of unlocking opportunities and that is what I would like to pass on to a next generation. My motivation is to make a difference and contribute to society .


 I am inspired by people that live a conscious life and care for others, contribute to society, look after the environment and spread love.  There are many people that are role models to me in different areas.


Ulitimately it is performance that  speaks the loudest a grip the imagination of fans. Whenever we have truly world class performances from women it is visible. I believe there is not enough investment in women’s sport to get them to the next level.  There are a huge discrepency compare to the investment in male sports. 

  To stay in the moment when competing.

  To know that  a professional  career in sport  is a tough – but rewarding. It takes years to reach your potential.  There there is no elevator to success.  To have a plan for life after sport.


Follow your heart and  be persistent. Passion and perseverance is the most important drivers to have to become successful . 



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