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Women’s Month: Desiree Ellis

I am the head coach of the South African National Women’s Football team known as Banyana Banyana.

 I love this game of football and I just want to give my best in everything I do. Of course I have surrounded myself with experts and coaches that supported my vision and of course a fantastic group of players and great support from other coaches (Mentor), SAFA and our amazing sponsor Sasol. But What if I did not have someone to teach me or help me.  So let’s support other coaches and help them climb the ladder.        

 I have so many male and female role models. They have shown that it does not matter where you come from , your dreams are valid. Nothing is impossible with God.

 It has to be the lack of sponsorship in women in sport. Female Athletes and teams have performed above their weight but the lack of sponsorship is still so evident. 

Lend support to events and be visible at these events as well giving support on social media.

Rewards come to those who not only work hard but who also work smart.

We all have a talent or a gift but hard work beats talent when talent does not work hard. Know your craft and keep growing and developing as everything evolves around you. Know your worth and your value but also be the best and do your best because you never know who is watching.           

 Go out and be the best you that you can be as back then I just played for fun and to enjoy.

We have not won the AWCON yet and came very close in 2018 so yes that would be one of things we working towards. And to qualify for the World Cup again and go to the knock out stages.


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