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Women’s Month: Bongiwe Nkhleko

Currently my days are filled with being the Greenside High school – Sports Director at Greenside High School, the Women’s rugby Head Coach at the University of Johannesburg and an Executive Committee Member at the Golden Lions Rugby Union, representing the development of rugby women in Gauteng.

I have 3 role models, because of the impact they have made in my life when I lost HOPE and STRENGTH to carry on in life.  They revived me to the person I am today and still continue to support my strides in all expects. Dalisizwe Ndebele, Mthokozisi Madonda and My Mother.  Although I don’t see them as often as I would like, when you mention these names I’m rebooted with overflowing wisdom, love, knowledge, empowerment and so much more.

My WHY! keeps me motivated and scriptures, so I can be stronger for my family.


Women supporting women in sport, sponsorship of women athletes &  having women occupy the big seats where they can join part of decision making .


Support us in all experts, because they can attract sponsorships easy.  


Ask not what the world has in store for you but ask what you have in store for the world.



Nothing can stop you from achieving your goals. Keep putting in the hard work and you will reap the rewards. Yes, it’s a constant fight but never give up because we are almost there.


Your beautiful, your smart, your what the world has been longing for, so stop fearing and keep on killing it.


To open my own academy that will teach young girls and boys that its ok to have self-confidence and own it. Be the best version of yourself at all times. Never give up!

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