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Poloafrica Development Trust

Project Overview

What? Poloafrica uses the love of ponies, riding and polo to give hope and aspiration to boys and girls from economically disadvantaged rural communities in the Eastern Free State.

Where? The children can spend as much time as they want in a beautiful safe haven, where they are given the chance to learn to ride and play polo, provided they demonstrate discipline and commitment to the animals and the sport, and work hard at school and the life skills lessons provided in the holidays. The lessons range from extra tuition in Maths and English (two subjects which present a challenge to rural South African children) to practical skills such as acrobatics, art, beekeeping, carpentry, singing and spoken self-expression. The adults responsible for the programme are largely drawn from the local community.

Outcomes? The emphasis on education results in Poloafrica scholars staying in school and trying hard to pass their studies. The social and practical skills that the children learn at Poloafrica, the sense of responsibility that derives from the care of the animals, as well as the empowerment of playing a difficult sport well, is something that will stand the children in good stead in the years to come. Poloafrica is widely known in the area, affecting many families, and is seen as an important force for good. Finally, by changing the perception of polo in South Africa, Poloafrica serves as a catalyst for social change in the country.


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Catherine Cairns
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