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New loveLife Trust

Project Overview

The New loveLife Trust is an NGO that campaigns with nationwide community level outreach and supports programmes that promote healthy, HIV-free living among South African teens. LoveLife believes it can shift sexual behaviour in young people towards a lower risk profile by developing a structured and attractive sport for development programme that is fully integrated into their behaviour change strategy.

LoveLife’s main purpose is to build complete young leaders for a better future, and through the activities that will be implemented at the centre, the organisation will be able to build the youth and assist them in identifying opportunities for themselves. The centre will act as a bridge between young people exiting childhood and entering adulthood, and in the process of formulating their values and identity. The programmes that loveLife offers enable young people to formulate their values and provide them with information on how to access opportunities.


ProgrammeConceptSocial Ill 
Love4life/Body Ys Challange

Programme that engages young people by playing a structured game challenge, providing information and assisting young people in making informed decisions.

These are facilitated at community events.

Unhealthy lifestyles, obesity, inactivity and disinterest in healthy sporting activity.


Youth FestivalThese festivals are sports focussed where young people come together to participate in sporting activities. The festival also offers an opportunity for young people to go through lifeskills information sessions.Life Skills, and sports tournaments, enhancing youth leadership development through sport 
groundBREAKER and MpintshiThe aim of the programme is to assist young people who display commitment, leadership qualities and a willingness to be involved in their communities by developing their skills, networking opportunities and leadership potential through community-based voluntary service.HIV/AIDS, TB, Medical Male Circumcision, Sexual and Reproductive Health, Drug and Alcohol Use, Life Skills, Entrepreneurship, Facilitation Skills, 
Recreational Leagues

Soccer Leagues

Coaching Clinics on dealing with youth participating in sport

Soccer skills




All these activities will be supported and manage by our team consisting of:

  • Operational Manager
  • Programme manager
  • Administration Manager
  • Programme Coordinator
  • Games Coordinator


Participants are reach using three different approaches:

  • Participating schools within the implementation area
  • Participants visiting the Centre
  • Outreach to areas where it is difficult for the participants to reach the centre

The participants therefore included the youth of school going age as well as community members above 18years of age

The target group is youth aged 10-25, and this group is segregated according to age. 10-19-year old will be reached through activities at schools and at the centre.  The 20-25-year-old group will be targeted for skills training to provide facilitation to the 12-18-year-old group.

The beneficiaries are both females and males from Kimberley and surrounding areas. This area was declared as one of the focus areas for programmes regarding social upliftment, and faces challenges such as high incidents of HIV/AIDS, unemployment, teenage pregnancy, gender-based violence, substains and drug abuse.


  • Capacitated groundBREAKERS and Mpinthis
  • Quality programme facilitation
  • Adaquate couches trained for effective programme support
  • Young people understand their self-worth, and sense of belonging and therefore empowered to make informed decisions about their own lives, increase in the number of young people accessing the local clinic for services.
  • Young people engage in conversations about how they can build their community
  • Mass participation in community site events focusing on educational and motivation discussions
  • Young people access the centre and activities offered at the centre
  • Young people engage in conversations about how they can build their community


Contact New loveLife Trust

Location: Kimberley

Contact: Andre Van Wyk



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