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Makomba-Ndlela Youth Movement

Project Overview

What?  The Makomba-Ndlela Youth Movement (best translated as ‘Show the Way’) is a project which aims to establish a sustainable youth development programme through life skills education that gives young people the knowledge and determination to combat serious social and health issues. These include sexually transmitted diseases, teenage pregnancy, HIV/Aids, crime and substance abuse. Activities include sport and the performing arts, which encompass sessions offering advice and counselling on sex and health education. The project’s motto is ‘your victory is our victory’ which is meant as a symbol of hope for the young people to keep on fighting the various social ills that plague their impoverished communities. The young people involved in this project are mostly primary and high school attendees, but also includes young adults from the community.  In addition, there is an information centre which is open daily for anyone to use. Other elements of the project include Girls Net, which aims to educate and train girls on gender based issues, life skills and economic empowerment. Girls Net Vhembe District was started in January 2007 under the auspices of Makomba-Ndlela Youth Movement and aims to involve other structures around the Vhembe District. The programme also endeavours to promote female-orientated sport and recreation, which are not generally priorities in the country.

Where?  The project is based at Mulima-Hlanganani in Limpopo.

Outcomes?  To speed up the process of implementation, a performing arts project was introduced in the form of drama, story-telling, poetry and singing that sought to disseminate information. The project became the talk of the town and its impact was felt at school level and throughout the community during awareness campaigns. Many young people were encouraged to participate in Makomba-Ndlela activities – keeping them off the streets and helping them to resist self-destructive behaviour. In addition, the Laureus Sport for Good Foundation supports the sporting element of the project, which brings people together to participate in football, netball and volleyball. Tournaments and leagues are organised, either at schools or in the communities, and teamwork is emphasised as a recipe for success.

Makomba-Ndlela also fosters a peer education programme in which young people talk to each other about their problems. The programme aims to delay them from early sexual initiation, reduction in teen pregnancies and the prevention of HIV/Aids and sexually transmitted diseases. The same programme also targets parents to encourage them to talk openly to their children about sex and sexuality.



Contact Makomba-Ndlela Youth Movement

Tsakani Elvis Chauke
(Managing Director)

Postal Address: PO Box 2106, Elim Hospital 0960

Cell: +27 73 553 1141



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