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Indigo Youth Movement

Project Overview

What?  The Indigo Skate Camp is the brainchild of Dallas Oberholzer, whose exposure to international skateboarding competitions, inspired him to create opportunities for disadvantaged young people, and to learn all about skateboarding. The scars which apartheid left behind, especially the disparity between rich and poor, is still a major problem in South Africa and the rural Zulu communities often get left behind in the continuing development of the country. These communities are therefore extremely susceptible to poverty, lack of education and disease. The main objectives of the project have been to introduce the sport to young rural villagers and to invite international guests to the village to learn more about Zulu culture. This has led participants to learn how to skate and to become more confident individuals.

Where?  Established in the heart of Isithumba, a rural Zulu village on the outskirts of Durban, the project has introduced young people to skateboarding and also created an opportunity for them to be introduced to tourism, life skills and entrepreneurialism. The project recently opened branches in Cape Town as well.

Outcomes?  Creating a commonality between people from different backgrounds fosters an instant connection irrespective of the language barriers. Sport has the power to do this. Oberholzer says: “Our camp is situated in a Zulu village in the Valley of A Thousand Hills. Just having English spoken around the Zulu community already helps residents with the language barrier, which is intimidating for young Zulu skaters. A small tea room has already been opened, attracting many visitors and already economically viable. In the future we intend to provide employment to many locals through the youth camp.”



Indigo Youth Movement

Dallas Oberholzer
(Managing Director)

Kwa-Zulu Natal: Valley of a Thousand Hills / Cape Town: Kraaifontein, Eersteriver, Valhalla Park

Postal Address: 716 Musgrave Rd, 716 Musgrave Rd, Durban 4001

Cell: +27 83 453 6385



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