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Hlawula Vutomi

Project Overview


What? An innovative strategy that combines two Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s): “Life on Land” and “Partnerships.” Uses sport to combine these goals and further impact a further five goals. Promotes collaboration between Peace Parks Foundation, Great Limpopo Trans-Frontier Conservation Areas, Sanparks, Parque Nacional de Limpopo, government departments, Mercedes-Benz and Mobicel.

How? In 2016, 23 Mozambicans visited Kruger National Park, followed by a pilot intervention around football. It was founded in five villages and included football, IT training, life-skills, conservation and enterprise development.

Outcomes? Building trust with youth involved in wildlife crime and changing relationships from an opponent, to collaborator, to ally. Increased awareness of the link between conservation and improved livelihoods. Female leadership and confidence have been notable, along with support from local leaders, chiefs, schools and headmasters.

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Location: Limpopo National Park, Mozambique

Contact: Gita Carroll



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