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Buffalo City Sports Academy

Project Overview

What? Buffalo City Sports Academy believe prevention rather than cure is the way forward. Life in Greater Buffalo Flats and Parkside has improved where violence and even deaths was a norm. In these communities youth are faced with few alternatives and can easily set down the wrong path. Thankfully through programmes like these, gangsterism and violence is now something of the past, but in its place, drug and alcohol abuse, HIV & Aids, teen pregnancy and high levels of unemployment has driven our youth to become a new undesirable way of life for many.

The Buffalo City Sports Academy is committed to countering these ills and works with young people from the ages of 9 to 21 to provide a healthier lifestyle through football and hockey. In addition, the life skills aspect of the project provides youngsters with a good understanding of the negative impact of alcohol and drug abuse. These sessions are run regularly by Life Skills facilitators, Department of Education/Health/Correctional/ juvenile and the local police.

Through soccer and hockey we are creating a safe environment and educate our youth to be confident and leading members of their communities. Through sport, a space that we use as a way to install values of responsibility, discipline, solidarity and health care.

Outcomes? The results are encouraging. Children involved in the project maintain a regular attendance and their parents have also become committed. The project brings families and communities together. Support from the Laureus Sport for Good Foundation will enable the project to run more efficiently and will encourage more boys to become involved. The club needs a proper facility to coach the players during the week and wants to send some of its participants on a leadership course. Interested parents are also encouraged to attend training courses.


Contact Buffalo City Sports Academy

Baron Bosman
(Project Manager)

East London: Parkside


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