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Boxgirls SA

Project Overview



Boxgirls South Africa seeks to build safe communities by strengthening girls and young women through education, leadership development, and violence prevention in disadvantaged communities. 

The programme aims to create a world in which women and girls lead dignified lives in secure communities, where they are valued as equals and have control over their sexuality and economic development. Boxgirls uses the passion and self-creation of sport in combination with educational support to create opportunities for individual and community transformation. Besides the empowerment of the individual primary school girls Boxgirls is expanding its project activities to give on our expertise in gender-sensitive programming to other sport for development programme leaders.



Since 2009, Boxgirls South Africa has been working with primary schools in the Khayelitsha community to bring self-defense training paired with life skills training and social educational support to girls who need it most. In 2009, the programme served a group of 15 girls in 2 primary schools. Today, 20 primary schools in Khayelitsha are part of the Boxgirls community. 



Boxgirls South Africa’s programmes have been externally evaluated regarding the project’s impact on the girls’ self-esteem, social capital, violence negotiation skills, school performance and the program’s over all feasibility. The results of the evaluation could show: increased social capital, violence awareness, negotiation skills, school performance and a high acceptance of the program among girls and the school community backed up with a significant change in single items referring to social skills with peers, working habits and writing skills, and a suggestively significant change in girls standing up for themselves in situations with power imbalances. The girls who had been part of the project were 12x more likely than the control group to say they knew what to do in a violent situation.

We are working to:

  • Increase girls’ ability to defend themselves against gender based violence
  • Increase girls’ safety in schools
  • Improve girls’ academic performance and motivation
  • Increase girls’ social capital
  • Provide advice and learning to other NGOs, teachers and governments on gender based violence prevention, gender sensitive program design and implementation





Contact Boxgirls SA


Heather Cameron


55 Ncumo Road, Harare Khayelitsha, Cape Town 7784



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