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Fight For Peace South Africa

Project Overview


Street Champs is a collaborative multi-site, multi-partner programme delivered by three partners targeting highly at-risk youth. The programme engages youth in resilience-building sports and life skills activities and channels them into developmental programmes to prevent entry into crime, violence or drug addiction. This innovative model, developed by Fight for Peace and based on the Collective Impact methodology, was designed with the intention of better coordinating and integrating youth service delivery across agencies and organisations that have traditionally worked in siloes and in competition.

Street Champs delivers a street-based, multi-activity programme in four ‘hotspot’ locations for youth not in school or employment. It forms the initial outreach and engagement component of the Secondary Prevention tier (programmes targeting very high-risk groups) of the collective’s Integrated Plan. Each of the four sites offers soccer, netball, music, arts, life skills and educational activities.


Cape Town

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